New AI: Intel, AMD And Google Introduce New Hardware To Power AI

New AI techs are being introduced in the market. OpenAI’s partnership with Axel Springer enables ChatGPT to summarize news from prominent outlets, advancing AI’s role in journalism. This follows a deal with the Associated Press, highlighting its growing impact across industries and its potential to enhance, but not fully replace, human-driven news analysis and reporting.

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Intel unveils new AI chip to compete with Nvidia and AMD

Intel unveiled Gaudi3, an AI chip targeting generative AI software, set to launch in 2024, aiming to rival Nvidia and AMD in the market. They also announced Core Ultra chips for PCs and new Xeon server chips, signaling a strategic shift towards AI-focused hardware development.

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Microsoft unveils 2.7B parameter language model Phi-2

Microsoft’s Phi-2, a 2.7 billion-parameter AI model, excels in language understanding and reasoning, surpassing larger models. Leveraging high-quality training data and advanced scaling from its predecessor, Phi-2 demonstrates superior performance in benchmarks and real-world applications, marking a significant advancement in compact model efficiency and effectiveness.

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Google Cloud announces Imagen 2 text-to-image generator

Google Cloud’s Imagen 2, integrating DeepMind technology, offers advanced text-to-image generation for Vertex Artificial intelligence users. It features multilingual text rendering, creative logo creation, and improved image understanding for captions and question-answering. Emphasizing safety and responsibility, Imagen 2 caters to diverse creative needs in the enterprise sector.

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ChatGPT back online after ‘major outage,’ OpenAI says

OpenAI on Thursday said that a major outage on its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT was resolved. ChatGPT had issues for around 40 minutes, during which service was “intermittently unavailable.” OpenAI did not explain what caused the latest issues.

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Ola gears up to introduce Krutrim, India’s own first AI: When, where and how to watch the launch

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, announced the launch of Krutrim, India’s artificial intelligence system, inviting public interaction for its live debut. Positioned to rival global technologies, Krutrim aims to propel India towards an Artificial intelligence-first economy, marking a significant step in the country’s technological advancement.

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As Media Reckons With AI Giants, Another Major Publisher Takes the Money

Axel Springer partnered with OpenAI to use its media content for training and responses, following similar moves by other news organizations. This collaboration aims to enhance journalism’s quality and economic viability, amidst broader industry concerns about its impact on jobs, intellectual property, and the future of journalism.

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Insurers brace for claims from generative AI surge

The surge in generative AI use raises novel risks for insurers in areas like media, professional liability, and cyber. Industry experts foresee the need for specific policies to cover emerging Artificial intelligence-related risks, as current insurance models may struggle to keep pace with the rapid development and varied applications of this technology.

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Grammarly Deepens Quality AI Writing Support Everywhere with Generative AI Features on Mobile

Grammarly introduces a generative AI-powered rewrite feature for mobile, enhancing on-the-go communication. Available on iOS and soon on Android, it allows users to quickly rewrite text in various styles, supporting the increasing trend of mobile work. Grammarly’s commitment to Artificial intelligence-driven writing assistance aims to boost confidence and efficiency in mobile communication.

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How to Use Snapchat’s New AI Image Tool

Snapchat has released an AI-powered feature for Snapchat+ subscribers, enabling the creation of generated images from text prompts. This innovation follows their Dreams feature and competes with similar offerings from Meta and Google. Alongside, Snapchat introduced an extension for image expansion, emphasizing their commitment to integrating it into their platform.

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