Alibaba Just Launched Its Latest AI Model. Here’s Why You Should Still Avoid the Stock

Alibaba Cloud’s new AI update positions it as a strong cloud industry competitor, yet Alibaba’s stock struggles amid leadership changes and political tensions. The planned corporate breakup into six units adds to investor uncertainty, making the stock less attractive despite its growth and potential in the AI market. Investors are advised to approach with caution.

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This Gaming Company Takes an Anti-AI Stance in Latest Ad

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Skillz, a mobile gaming platform, is combatting AI bots that imitate human players and undermine fair play. Through a new ad campaign, they emphasize the importance of human-only gaming experiences. The move follows legal action against companies disguising bots, amid growing complaints from players and a lack of industry transparency in AI bot usage.

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Elon Musk’s Grok has a ‘rebellious streak’: Know all about the new AI chatbot in town

Elon Musk’s new company xAI has introduced Grok, a humorous AI-powered chatbot inspired by “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Currently in beta and exclusive to premium subscribers of X, Grok boasts superior technical abilities compared to other models like ChatGPT. Musk, despite warning about AI risks, showcases Grok’s unique blend of humor and advanced problem-solving capabilities, offering a fresh take on conversational AI.

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Grok, AI Chatbot

Grok is a witty AI chatbot from Elon Musk’s xAI, inspired by “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” It stands out with real-time data use from platform X and humorous responses. In limited U.S. testing, Grok shows promise in AI benchmarks, offering a playful alternative to other language models while emphasizing safe and positive AI use.

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AMPTP’s Latest Contract Offer’s AI Clause Is a Sticking Point For Actors

The SAG-AFTRA strike against the AMPTP continues, with AI technology use in contract negotiations being a major unresolved issue. The union’s response to the AMPTP’s final offer highlights disagreements, particularly regarding AI scans of actors without ongoing compensation or posthumous rights. This impasse threatens the upcoming TV season and has broader implications for entertainment industry employment. The union is rallying members to maintain pressure on the studios.

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US stresses ethical AI use in its latest strategy

The US Department of Defense has released a strategy to integrate data and AI in military decision-making, focusing on agile development and ethical use. It aims to improve governance, data management, and digital talent, with the Chief Digital and AI Office overseeing implementation. This initiative seeks to maintain a lead in AI while considering the ethical implications of its use in warfare.

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Cisco Unveils Webex AI Strategy At WebexOne

Cisco’s WebexOne introduced an AI-enhanced Webex strategy focusing on high-quality audio and video communication, even with low bandwidth. The strategy includes a new Webex AI Assistant, offering features such as tone adjustment and meeting summaries to boost productivity. These enhancements align with Cisco’s commitment to responsible AI and will be available across their product suite by late 2023.

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As SAG-AFTRA Responds to Studio Offer, AI Protections for High-Earning Members Remain Sticking Point


SAG-AFTRA is contesting a contract clause allowing studios to use high-earning actors’ AI scans without proper consent or compensation, especially after death. The union’s counteroffer aims to eliminate this clause to protect performers’ rights, reflecting the significant industry-wide implications of AI’s use in production and the importance of ethical standards.

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Samsung kicks off AI Forum 2023, showcases latest advancements in AI

Samsung AI Forum 2023 is set to showcase the company’s latest advances in AI and computer engineering, contributing to next-generation semiconductor technology. Hosted by Samsung’s research divisions across two days, the event will focus on Generative AI and discuss the safety, trustworthiness, and sustainability of AI technology. It expects over 1,000 attendees, including academics and experts, and will feature an awards ceremony for AI researchers.

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Tech giants jockey for position at dawn of AI age

Generative AI is becoming central to tech, with companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta at the forefront, while cloud services monetize AI, and Nvidia capitalizes on its GPU investments. As AI becomes a business necessity, industry analysts watch for advancements from Amazon and expect innovations from Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

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OpenAI unveils personalized AI apps as it seeks to expand its ChatGPT consumer business

OpenAI introduces a marketplace for custom AI apps, signaling a consumer business expansion. The platform will monetize user-created “GPTs” for tasks like teaching or design. Announced at their developer conference, which drew 900 attendees, OpenAI also revealed cost cuts and the efficient GPT-4 Turbo model, with Microsoft’s CEO reiterating support for OpenAI’s ventures.

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OpenAI unveils latest AI model, customizable GPTs and digital store

At OpenAI’s conference, ChatGPT advances were unveiled, including custom AI creation and a new digital store. OpenAI introduced GPT-4 Turbo for larger data processing and reduced developer costs. With a focus on responsible AI advancement, the updates aim to enhance ChatGPT’s functionality while considering the broader societal implications of these technological steps forward.

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Meta bans usage of generative AI ad creation tools for political advertisers

Meta has restricted political campaigns and advertisers from using its generative AI advertising tools due to potential sensitivities and regulatory concerns. This decision aligns with Meta’s general advertising standards and follows similar moves by Google, which requires election advertisers to disclose AI usage. These measures come as regulators consider rules for political AI deepfakes, and amidst debates over AI chatbots like ChatGPT having political biases.

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Exclusive: IBM debuts $500 million enterprise AI venture fund

IBM is committing $500 million to support generative AI startups focusing on business clients, signaling a strategic shift to engage with innovative tech ventures. The investment aims to back companies at various stages, avoiding competition with IBM’s core businesses and already-backed startups. This move reflects a wider industry trend where businesses seek tangible returns on AI investments and suggests a global shift in technological leadership may emerge from beyond the U.S.

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This AI Paper Unveils DiffEnc: Advancing Diffusion Models for Enhanced Generative Performance

Researchers have enhanced diffusion models with a new framework, DiffEnc, which introduces a time-dependent encoder to improve image generation without sacrificing scalability. Although not used in sampling, this encoder boosts performance, as evidenced by tests on datasets like CIFAR-10, offering a promising avenue for more flexible and efficient image generation tasks.

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