Artificial Intelligence: Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks reveal the most powerful AI-powered phone yet

Artificial Intelligence: The Samsung Galaxy S24 series, launching in January 2024, is set to revolutionize smartphone technology with groundbreaking AI features. Anticipated innovations include the ability to remove objects from videos, enhanced video quality, AI-powered photo expansion, and a built-in chatbot. These advancements position Samsung as a leader in smartphone innovation.

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Vymo’s ‘Rise of AI’ report highlights the the role of AI in transforming Insurance Distribution in 2023

Vymo’s “Rise of AI in 2023” report highlights AI’s transformative impact on the insurance industry, focusing on enhancing distribution and tackling challenges like agent attrition. It emphasizes AI’s role in refining functions from product development to claims processing, urging insurers to integrate AI for improved decision-making and customer experiences.

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GenAI set to capture smartphone market; share hits 4% in 2023

Counterpoint Research’s report forecasts a revolutionary shift in the smartphone market with GenAI technology. By 2023, GenAI smartphones will hold 4% market share, doubling in 2024, and reaching 40% by 2027 with over half a billion shipments. This growth signifies GenAI’s increasing role in creating original content on smartphones.

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Meet Fortinet Advisor, a Generative AI Assistant that Accelerates Threat Investigation and Remediation

Fortinet introduces Fortinet Advisor, a GenAI assistant, enhancing its cybersecurity offerings. This AI-powered tool supports SecOps teams in threat investigation and remediation, providing incident analysis, query generation, and playbook templates. It’s a significant addition to Fortinet’s portfolio, leveraging their decade-long AI innovation to bolster security operations and accelerate threat response.

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Samsung TV Brings Sustainable Screen Experience With AI Energy Saving Features

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in the TV industry for 17 consecutive years, has been propelling its commitment towards sustainable tech through a series of new features. The latest AI Energy mode on SmartThings is a prime example of Samsung’s commitment to Everyday Sustainability. It works by leveraging the TV’s built-in processor and sensors to analyze the viewing environments and automatically adjusts relevant settings to save energy.

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2023: The year we played with artificial intelligence — and weren’t sure what to do about it

In 2023, artificial intelligence, led by ChatGPT, became mainstream, showcasing the potential and complexities of AI technology. This inflection point in AI history involved public awakening, ethical concerns, and the emergence of AI-generated content, highlighting both the transformative power and the challenges of integrating AI into daily life.

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