AI Today- Quantum AI: Bridging the Gap Between Computing and AI

AI Today- Quantum AI merges quantum computing’s power with AI, enabling unprecedented computational speed and problem-solving abilities. It promises advancements in optimization, machine learning, cryptography, and more. However, challenges in hardware, algorithm development, and accessibility remain. This rapidly evolving field could revolutionize various industries, redefining computation and artificial intelligence’s future.

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Fulfillment is still hot, as GreyOrange raises $135M

The robotics industry, thriving in warehouse and fulfillment, gained momentum during the pandemic. Amazon leads with in-house systems, while companies like Locus, 6 River Systems, and Fetch (now Zebra) partner with major retailers. Despite economic slowdowns, this sector remains robust, with firms like GreyOrange advancing full-stack solutions and securing significant funding.

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Researchers train Artificial Intelligence to identify the location of photos just by looking at them

Stanford graduates developed an Artificial Intelligence, trained on Google Street View, that identifies photo locations with 95% accuracy within 25 miles. Inspired by the game GeoGuessr, the AI, named “Predicting Image Geolocations” (PIGEON), uses OpenAI’s CLIP neural network and has applications beyond tracking, like identifying areas with downed power lines.

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‘Artificial Intelligence delivered more than expected’: Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma says Google, Microsoft AI tools helped saving employee costs

The use of Artificial Intelligence has not only improved efficiency but also led to a reduction in staffing needs. Sharma expects that the company will need fewer employees as a result of automation. This strategic use of Artificial Intelligence is part of Paytm’s broader plan to turn around its fortunes and reach profitability in less than a year.

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Otermans Institute launches the world’s first AI-powered course taught completely by AI teachers 

Otermans Institute’s groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence-powered digital human teachers are revolutionizing global education, teaching complete courses in universities across four continents. These Artificial Intelligence teachers create content, teach, and test, offering dynamic, personalized learning experiences. With high completion and satisfaction rates, OI’s Artificial Intelligence technology is expanding, including supporting the Women in STEAM Initiative in Africa.

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Fake AI-generated Amul cheese doing rounds on social media, Amul says…

Amul has debunked social media rumors about a new cheese brand, clarifying on site X (formerly Twitter) that the circulated WhatsApp and social media messages are fake. The company assures consumers of the quality of its cheese and invites complaints to be reported on their toll-free number, 1800 258 3333.

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