AI news today: How JPMorgan Chase and Capital One became AI leaders

AI News Today: A report by Evident highlights JPMorgan Chase and Capital One as leaders in AI development among banks. Their progress is attributed to strong AI talent, innovation, leadership, and transparency. These banks excel in research, patents, and partnerships, with a focus on AI-first culture and cloud-native banking, setting industry benchmarks.

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AI News Today: Google is testing an ‘AI support assistant’ for questions about Google services

Google is testing what it calls an ‘AI support assistant’ in beta on a few of its support pages. The assistant uses a large language model (LLM) to answer user questions, either through custom text entry or selecting pre-set options. In our testing, the assistant is good at providing sources for its answers, but unsurprisingly struggles with any sort of recent changes.

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AI News Today: Google’s Gemini may not help it reclaim its lost ‘AI crown’

OpenAI still seems ahead of the former leader in a field that mustn’t get ruined by reckless rivalry. Whether this generative AI race ends up transforming lives for the better or for worse is a serious question that’s yet to be settled.

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Apple’s new AI research could totally transform your iPhone

Apple’s latest AI advancements include running large language models (LLMs) on iPhones using flash memory, enhancing efficiency without compromising performance. Another breakthrough, HUGS, enables the creation of animated 3D avatars from short videos. These innovations could revolutionize Siri’s capabilities and introduce new AI-driven features in various Apple applications.

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Apple’s AI research signals ambition to catch up with Big Tech rivals

Apple’s research on running large language models (LLMs) on smartphones marks a significant step in generative AI, showcasing a commitment to overcoming computational bottlenecks. This approach, optimizing AI for personal devices, aligns with Apple’s emphasis on privacy and efficiency, potentially enhancing Siri’s capabilities and introducing new AI features.

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MagikEye’s Pico Image Sensor: Pioneering the Eyes of AI for the Robotics Age at CES

At CES 2024, Magik Eye Inc. will showcase its Pico Depth Sensor, a breakthrough in 3D sensing technology using Invertible Light™ Technology. This sensor, compatible with various microcontrollers like ARM M0 and RISC-V, aims to revolutionize AI and robotics, offering versatile applications in autonomous vehicles and smart home systems.

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GenAI opens up new avenues for healthcare in India, despite cyber risks

Generative AI is transforming healthcare, offering advancements in patient care, diagnostics, and medical data interpretation. Highlighted by GlobalData, it improves patient outcomes across the medical value chain, including in robotic assisted surgery. Its potential is evidenced by successes like passing medical exams and diagnosing complex conditions, signaling a transformative era in healthcare.

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