AI Layoffs: Google to let go of 30,000 employees due to new AI innovation? Here’s what report suggests

AI Layoffs: Google is restructuring its ad sales unit, affecting 30,000 employees, due to advancements in AI. This follows a 12,000-employee layoff earlier this year. AI tools like Performance Max, enhanced with generative AI, automate ad creation, reducing the need for specialized ad sales roles. The impact on further job cuts is unclear.

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Startups may see more AI-driven layoffs next year

Startups laid off 15,000 employees in 2023 amid funding downturns, with more cuts expected as focus shifts to efficiency and AI integration. Paytm, for instance, reduced its workforce in operations and marketing through AI automation. This trend reflects a broader shift from high cash-burn models to leaner, AI-optimized operations.

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The age of AI: Will the ad world trade in creativity for impact in 2024?

In 2023, advertising witnessed a major shift with the widespread adoption of Generative AI, integrating advanced features like voice modulation and geotagging. This led to a proliferation of CGI billboards and AI-generated images, raising concerns about the diminishing role of human creativity in advertising amid this technological surge.

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Vymo’s ‘Rise of AI’ report highlights the role of AI in transforming Insurance Distribution in 2023

Vymo’s “Rise of AI in 2023” report outlines AI’s transformative impact on the insurance industry, emphasizing its role in enhancing functions like claims processing and risk assessment. It highlights AI’s growing influence in insurance sales, distribution, and recruitment, and underscores the need for user-friendly AI tools in these sectors.

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Amid Layoffs, Paytm CEO Shares 2024 To-Do List Featuring Big AI Upgrades

One97 Communication, Paytm’s parent, has laid off employees due to AI-driven automation. CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma’s 2024 plans include revamping the Paytm app for a cleaner look and expanding AI in operations. This strategy aims to cut costs, enhance efficiency, and transition to high-ticket personal and merchant loans.

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FBI fears China is stealing AI technology to ramp up spying and steal personal information to build terrifying dossiers on millions of Americans

China is targeting AI technology, and the powerful computing tech to run it. It allows its hackers to steal vastly more data and process what it couldn’t before. This could build very specific profiles on individuals and compromise them. It will be a big security breach and millions of Americans will be affected by it. The FBI is increasingly concerned about the dictatorship’s frequent high-profile data thefts from American corporations and government agencies.

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